Executive Coaching helps the executive, entrepreneur or manager to whom the process is addressed manage or direct their company or the business area under their responsibility in a more responsible, sustainable, ethical, supportive and humanistic manner; making the business more profitable, productive and competitive.

It is possible to develop the Executive Coaching process from a perspective that contemplates the Corporate Social Responsibility, by virtue of this vision, the executive (coachee) can project the benefits that the process has given him, not only individually, as well to the workforce that operates in the given environment. Also, the executive will be more in tune and in harmony with the needs of the company, customers, human resources, environment, shareholders, suppliers, citizens, media, local community, and in general, society.

Executive Coaching results in benefits for both: executives and organizations. In this sense, the main advantages for executives are framed within different aspects such as:

  • Building better relationships with direct employees (77%)
  • Optimal interactions with immediate supervisors (71%)
  • Teamwork mindset (67%)
  • Increased comradely in the business (63%)
  • Job satisfaction increase (61%)
  • Conflict resolution (52%)
  • Commitment to the organization (44%)
  • Relationships with clients (37%).

On the other hand, the benefits for organizations are reflected as follows:

  • Productivity increase (53%)
  • Quality increase (48%)
  • Organization sustenance (478%)
  • Customer service (39%)
  • Reduction of complaints by customers (34%)
  • Retention of executives, who received coaching (32%),
  • Cost reduction (23%)
  • Greater profitability (22%)

The process of Executive Coaching focuses on 4 areas:

The execution (performance)

The influence (culture)

Relationships (most significant)

The strategy (connection with the results)

Executive Coaching results are exponential!

Our Executive Coaching Program consists of

90 minutes sessions, three times a month for 6 months.

At Believe Coaching we maximize the potential that exists within you!

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