Life coaching is a methodological process that allows you to reach the highest possible level of your potential. It is also known as personal coaching. A Life Coaching session is a conversation between one of us (Coach) and the Coachee (client).


During the coaching session, the coach generates specific questions, which work with the mind, meanings, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and actions of the coachees, so that they accomplish what they want, need and require. The purpose is for the Coachees to achieve the goals and objectives that they have envisioned and projected.


Life Coaching is a tool created to help people achieve accomplished lives. We believe that people possess within everything they need to achieve fulfilled and whole lives. Through the Coaching session, the client identifies and puts into practice all the skills he possesses.


The Coach uses different tools, but does not pretend to be or is not a:


  • Consultant
  • Facilitator
  • Administrator
  • Mentor
  • Teacher
  • Therapist


You (the coachee) choose the agenda to be worked on and the duration of the sessions, which can last between 30 and 90 minutes.


Each session ends with a call to action and its completion on behave of the coachee.  The results you obtain will totally depend on your level of commitment with yourself and your life agenda. This commitment will gradually increase and transform as you put into practice the different tools.


During each session, the Coach will listen and provide observations and questions that will generate clarity and support you as you move towards action.


When making your own decisions you will move towards success; consequently, you will grow even more as you reach further achievements, goals and objectives.





How can you know if you need a Life Coach?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, Life Coaching is for you:


Do you often feel overwhelmed with life’s and everyday burdens?

Do you feel that your life is in rut?

Do you feel as if you are living life like a robot?

Do you suffer from frequent mood lows and low self-esteem?

Do you think that others are doing better than you and do not know why?

Are you going through difficult times and have no idea how to deal with them?

Do you think it’s time to put order in your life?

Do you have an eternal agenda of many pending objectives and do not have enough time to complete them?

Do you feel that there is some dimension of your life that you still don’t have under control?

Do you want to improve the relationship’s dynamics with relatives or other people in your life?


If you answered “YES” to one or more of the above questions, read on…


We have designed a Personal Life Coaching package for you. It consists of 4.5 hours, divided into 4 sessions. The first appointment is 90 minutes long. The three following appointments are 60 minutes each. We have purposely created the Individual Coaching package to be economically accessible to all.


The complete package is only $ 225.00.


For further information, call us today.


 At Believe Coaching we maximize the potential that exists within you.

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