Marriage Coaching

We offer Marriage Coaching sessions from a flabbergasting perspective. In our coaching (sessions) teachings we share realistic and simple tools with couples. When marriages take note and put into practice our reflections and teachings they can be sure that their relationship will be enriched, strengthened and successful in many areas, thus receiving clarity in matters such as:


  • Assertive Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Working on Tolerance and Forgiveness between the Couple
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Creating and Drawing an Effective System of Matrimonial and Family Values
  • Improve in decision-making as a couple
  • Economic Issues
  • A more Effective and Affective Relationship as a Couple
  • Marriage and Family Goals and Objectives
  • Spiritual Relationship with God
  • Upbringing and Education of Children
  • Emotional and Spiritual Health
  • Define, Create and Draw Actions Based on Mutually Established Objectives



How do you know when it’s time to consider Marriage Coaching?

  1. When the couple hardly talks. Most of couple’s challenges are initiated because of communication barriers.
  2. When the dialogue between the couple is mostly negative. Negative communication includes everything that could leave one of the two with feelings of shame, insecurity, judgment, outrage, ignored and not heard.
  3. When you fear talking to your partner. When the fear of even presenting any topic to your partner consumes you!
  4. When one of the two deprives the other affection as a means of punishment. This behavior is well known under the name of the “silent treatment”.
  5. When you see your partner as an opponent. You are not adversaries!
  6. When you keep secrets from one another. In the marriage relationship we shouldn’t confuse the right to privacy with keeping secrets …
  7. When one of the two (or both) are living or contemplating an extramarital relationship. When the mind spends time fantasizing, it is a sign that the person wants something that he or she does not have. It is important to seek immediate help before it’s too late.
  8. When there is financial unfaithfulness. When one of the two keeps the other isolated and in the dark of his or her expenses.
  9. When one of the two or both think, “everything will be fine if he or she changes”. Nobody can change anyone …
  10. When a couple is coexisting and not living. When the couple lives separate lives under one roof.
  11. When the marriage relationship lacks gratification, peace, tenderness, passion and mental, emotional and spiritual stability.





If you are ready to improve, grow positively and add bliss to your spousal relationship, we have designed the perfect Matrimonial Coaching package for you. It consists of 4.5 hours of Marriage Coaching, either in person, by phone or Skype. The hours are divided into 4 sessions. The first appointment is 90 minutes; the three following appointments are 60 minutes each. We have purposely created the Marriage Coaching package to be economically accessible to all.



Heriberto & Nydia will both sit with you and your spouse throughout the coaching journey.

You get 2 coaches for the rate of one!

The complete package is only $450.00.


that “If you think you can, you will, because for those

who believe everything is possible!”…


Book your appointment today, for the Coaching Package that best meets your needs!